How does the autumn/winter 16/17 collection look like for 1828 by zoeppritz? To feed your hungry eyes, I would like to give you a sneak peak of whats going to happen. The base for all designs, namely to be protectively wrapped by luxurious fabrics of the traditional brand, encounters masterful patterns to create the look of 1828 by zoeppritz.


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I have got some news for you my friends, zoeppritz since 1828 is moving to Munich! Soon, all my busy bees will be gathering in Munich to continue the exciting journey that has begun in 1828. This has been of course reason enough to dedicate the new spring/summer collection to this meaningful event. But as you know I like spreading my wings to go to different places and best all at once, so the collection got topped off by some pieces that are inspired by the other cities I love and live. So besides saying „servus“ Munich, I say „bonjour“ Paris, „hey how are you“ New York and „tach“ Berlin. I hope you like the new collection as much as I do…share the news and always spread the love.

Check out the whole collection here and travel through some highlights below.


Untitled Extract Pages

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the new book next to my bed

Wondering how I spend my Sundays? Well, I love to stay in bed and delve into Munich interior oases. Want to get inspired yourself? Check „MÜNCHEN. INTERIORS & STADTRÄUME“

Happy reading!

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So we pretty much need to start accepting that days are getting shorter and shorter and our breath is painting nice pictures in the air. But here’s the thing, we don’t need to give up our summer island dream yet. Delve into PARADISE NOW and melt your icy thoughts. If you’d like to send me a message in a bottle…you know where to find me.


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a 1828 by zoeppritz summer…

It’s this time of the year again, amazing spring summer collections get introduced that let my heart jump higher than any grasshopper can.
And when talking fashion, I most definitely need to show you the SS16 collection of 1828 by zoeppritz.
Enjoy some of my many favourites…and see all looks at 1828 by zoeppritz !
1828 by zoeppritz

1828 by zoeppritz1828 by zoeppritz1828 by zoeppritz1828 by zoeppritz1828 by zoeppritz1828 by zoeppritz1828 by zoeppritz1828 by zoeppritz1828 by zoeppritz

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